321 (1.4541) STAINLESS STEEL

321 (1.4541) STAINLESS STEEL

321 (1.4541) STAINLESS STEEL

Product Details

321 (1.4541) STAINLESS STEEL

Chemical Composition












321 (1,4541)

0.08% max

2.0% max

1.0% max

0.04% max

% ~ 12:03



0.10% max

% 0.70 max

% ~ 12:20

Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature


321 (1.4541) X6CrNiTi18-10

Tensile strength

Between 515 and 700 MPA

Yield strength, (0.2%)

Min 205 MPa

Hardness (HRC)

Max 22 HRC or <22 HRC

Physical Properties at Room Temperature



Specific Mass (Specific Gravity)

8030 kg / m³

Melting temperature

1455 ° C

Modulus of Elasticity

193 GPa

Electrical resistance

0.072x10 ^ -6 xm

Heat permeability

16.3 W / mK

Summary of Quality Characteristics

It is numbered 1.4541 quality stainless according to 321 stainless EN standard.

321 grade stainless is also called X6CrNiTi18-10 according to EN standard.

This quality is of the stainless steel grade.

Stainless steel of this quality does not attract magnets and has a high corrosion resistance.

321 grade stainless material can work at temperatures up to 800 degrees.

The internal structure of the 304 quality is similar to the quality of this stainless steel 304 is separated from the most important point is the titanium available. Titanium adds resistance to both stainless steel and temperature

321 stainless steel is not suitable for extremely high temperatures and it will be more accurate to use stainless steel grades such as 310 or 310s at very high temperatures. 

321 Quality Stainless Steel Alternatives


In which cases can this quality be preferred instead of 321 quality stainless?


Stainless steel grades 321 and 316Ti are similar to each other. X6CrNiTi18-10 shows similarities to 1.4541 quality (ie, 321) and X6CrMoTi17-12-2 1.4571 (i.e. 316Ti) chemical exposures. 316Ti material is more suitable for places where the corrosion resistance is higher. The most important content difference between 316Ti and 321 is the element of molybdenum element ~ 2-2.5% of the quality material of 316Ti (1.4571).This element, which is indicated by Mo, increases the cost of the material but increases the resistance of the stainless steel. 

310 / 310s

The 310 stainless material, called 1.4845, can be operated even at about 1100 degrees. It is known that the temperature at which 321 quality materials work at maximum is 800 degrees and it is not recommended to use 321 quality materials for temperatures above 800 degrees. If 321 is used above 800 degrees it will melt very quickly and the structure of the material will deteriorate. Even if it is more expensive in terms of cost, 310 quality is much more suitable for high temperatures than 321 stainless.

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